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History of New York State and Bermuda Lions Clubs

USA divided into 9 Districts

First Club in NY was the NYC Herald Square Lions in 1917. It was also cancelled in 1917.

Oldest Club now is Rochester Lions Club chartered in 1921

In 1921 USA was divided into 17 Districts. #16 included all NJ-DE-Dist C-MD and NYS.

In 1922 NY was detached from #16 to become District 20.

1921-1922 One District Governor for New York

1938-1939 Five District Governors (N,Y,S,L,A).

1949-1950 Eight District Governors (N,E,W,Y,O,R,K,S).

1960-1961 Nine District Governors District Y1 and Y2 created.

1962-1963 Ten District Governors District K1 and K2 created.

1968-69 Bermuda added to 20-R, stayed with 20-R2 after redistricting in 1973-74

1973-1974 Twelve District Governors District R1, R2, E1, E2 created.

1976-1977 Vice Council Chair Elected by Peers at 1st Cabinet Meeting of the Year

1984-1985 First Elected Council Chair for next year.

1993-1994 First Elected Position of Vice District Governor

1994-1995 Bermuda moved to 20-K2

2009-2010 First 2nd Vice District Governor

2018-2019 Eleven District Governors W, Y1, Y2 combined to create W & Y